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Emil Bernstorff the best GP3 Feature Race performer of 2015.

With outstanding consistency and great racecraft Emil Bernstorff achieved a higher race 1 finishing position average over the full GP3 Series season than any of his competitors.

Despite this interesting fact the race 2 performances were not strong enough to have a serious run at the 2015 GP3 Crown. This was partly as a result of Bernstorff being hit 3 times each time causing a retirement.

Again this weekend at the season finale in Abu Dhabi Bernstorff managed to move forward, going from 6th to 2nd in race 1. Once there he spent several laps putting immense pressure on Kirchofer but was unable to make the move for the lead and the win that would have put him back to 3rd position in the Championship standings.

There was a lot less drama in Race 2 as the positions stayed pretty stable from start to finish, Bernstorff gained one place due to Parry suffering a puncture.

Emil Bernstorff had the following to say following the last race of the season:

“I am very proud of my feature race performances this year, there has been intense competition amongst the top 4 all year and I am very happy that I came out on top in that area. I am though disappointed to finish outside the top 3 in the overall standings. There is clearly room for improvement in the reverse grid race performances and that combined with a bit of bad luck cost us the opportunity to fight for the championship at the end of the season. We will now shift our focus to the future starting with a GP2 test on Friday.”

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