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Emil Bernstorff shines at Silverstone

Bernstorff very nearly wins his home race at Silverstone Grand Prix circuit in front of a huge crowd.

A strong qualifying performance saw Emil Bernstorff start on the front row just behind Marvin Kirchofer. Both drivers had a good start and a very tight first lap saw Kirchofer just retaining the lead. From there the race was quiet as the two drivers pulled away from the field and it was not until the final few laps that Bernstorff attacked.

Emil had been conserving his tyres and mounted an attack with 3 laps to go, the pressure forced Kirchofer into a small mistake at “Village” on the penultimate lap and the two ran side by side down the “Wellington” straight and around the “Luffield” corner in front of the British Racing Drivers Club. Emil did everything he could to make the pass stick on the straight and into “Copse” corner where he attempted the “up and under” but could not get the car turned in the dirty air as he went towards the inside and he reluctantly had to yield. The racing was close right to the end and Emil finished only 0.3s shy of the winner.

“It was a really good race and it was really good fun even though I didn’t quite get him. But it was a really good fight and second is still a really good result for me and the team. It’s just here on our hometrack and for the lead and it was so close. It does feel a little bit sad when you’re that close to it.”

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